Hunting Tenderness

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it was a broken heart, the last one left in the box.
some clear liquid/syrup shedding out, that looked like honey, but alize liquor.
why they have to fill the heart with passion fruit, rather than chilly paper?

2005-04-19 18:58:58

under the sun

is there anything new?
unlike art, strawberries alwasys taste better at their lower price.

2005-04-19 19:03:39

krazy glue

he showed me his dove whose throat was cut open by a neighbor's cat.
he complained that he rushed her to the animal hospital and paid the doctor $150 to tell him the surgery would cost $3600.
he took the dying dove back home. his wife, a high school teacher, used krazy glue to bind together the wound.
now the dove can eat and "sing"...

2005-04-19 19:05:00


she walked 3 steps in one in order to get in front of me while I was waiting the traffic light.
i moved one step backward to let her get the position she wanted.
a white drop fell down and then followed by "shit!" came out from her month.
the pigeons flew away from the sky. there was no way to convict one for her mess.
her hands were up in the air with all the fingers separated while her feet kept pace left and right, up and down.
I quickly opened a new box of tissue paper and handed it over to her, which I just bought from the pharmacy store.
no sure what I should say. "help yourself"?
before any word pop up my mind, she took out 2 tissue papers and had her head lower and close to my eye level.
"can you clean it for me? you are such a nice girl." she said.
the traffic light had turned green.
i didn't want to lose my kindness; I cleaned her head with the tissue paper I gave her.
i wouldn't expect to win her heart, simply because it was beyond my skill to clean the paste out of a bushy hair.
the more I wiped that thing, the deeper and wilder it spread on her hair and skin.
i almost offered her to shampoo her hair at my place which is right around the corner,
but I had to consider i live with myself.

what a misty morning it was in upper east side's early spring.

2005-04-26 19:09:20

oh, you are here, too

how many meters are in a milli-meter?
how many kilo-meters are in a centi-meter?

how far is it form north to south?
how close is it form east to west?

how long does it take for a while?

what should we say to each other,
when we meet in
where ever?

oh, you too are here...

2005-05-03 19:11:13

cold water

one dollar, cold water, one dollar...
she hold 2 frozen bottle water in her left hand,
selling her wares one block after another.
cold water, one dollar, cold water...
her right hand pulled a 3 foot tall suitcase,
that is bigger than the one i carried here from home.

how many bottles were in the deep blue rolling luggage?
would anyone buy the cold water from her on the street in this city?
does she live near east village?
how far could she go?
does she have children?
how much money could she make?
does she have a lover?
was this her first time?

3 young women brushed pass her and then me,
leaving their laughs in the air and the sound of the heels hitting the ground.
one woman observed "she put the bottle water in that suitcase!!!"

she kept moving on one block after that block.
there was one woman bought 2 bottles, and a boy got another.
she unzipped the suitcase and offered 2 choices for them, with or without ice in the bottle.

i start wondering why i pay 1.75 dollars for a bottle water without any options at the stores.

2005-05-23 19:22:39

when walkman met ipod

walkman held on his left hand, he ran in the sunny morning like a routine.
keeping on his pace, he stayed on his line straight.
what was he listening...
beethovon for book lovers or mozart for your mind?

ipod held on her right hand, she roller skated like a dancer on wheels.
swaying in the breeze, she made her incredible turns unpredictable.
what was she listening...
don't phunk with my heart or behind these hazel eyes?

a volunteer ambulance slowly approached.
you would wonder why there is an unexpected vehicle runing in the park during the weekend.
before i could speed up to avoid the waste gas,
the two ran over with each other and fell down to the ground,
walkman was on the west side and ipod was on the east side.

the policemen drove by,
i wish those trees could tell me what happened
when walkman met ipod.

2005-05-31 19:23:26

i am sorry

i have to wonder where was the mommy in the afternoon on monday.

a lady in front of us opened and hold the library's door for them:
the father pushed/pulled the little girl's stroller up stairs with baby blue slings on his shoulder;
he is about 3 or 4 years old, carried his scooter on his own with both arms and hands.
one step after another, under the watch of the father, the lady and an alien,
he got into the door way, and hit the handle bar.

"did you hurt?" my hand instantly reached out and covered his head.
he kept walking forward without a word.

the father said to him: "say something."
so he said "i am sorry" with appreciation.

"are you all right?" i walked pass by them to the book return desk.
the father said to him again: "don't be sorry, what are you sorry for, say thank you"

then he said one "thank you" to me, one to the lady.
somehow, it sounded a bit of embarrassing.

2005-06-14 19:35:51

emperor penguins

it might be because of the big screen or the blizzards,
i thought the penguin is about 6 ft. tall and 180 lbs. with size 10 feet in order to cradle the egg and newly-hatched young on the iced filed.
although the filmmaker gives a lot of answers in "one of the most beautiful love stories on earth",
i was lost in the white.

why they have to march many hundreds of miles and then seek the right one?
have they ever tried finding someone to march together?
why only the females fights over a male and the young if she lost hers?
what are the criteria a male have in mind for mating?

why the unskillful couples have to leave the group, if their eggs were frozen to cracked?
will they stay with each other as couples and come back next winter?

what happened to the female who couldn't re-unite with her mate by her own voice?
did she lose her sound or change her tone in the journey of food hunting?
or did he lose his memory after months in hunger?
have they ever tried smell recognition?

m thinks it is sugar-coated.
i can't count how many tones of power sugar needed for icing the whole set.
it seems people have very sweet teeth on films, even a documentary.

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