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I was born in Taiwan, politics divided, where the typhoon or earthquake can dismiss a village overnight. Before my academic art education, I studied social work and then worked for advertising agencies serving both commercial and non-profit organization.
I started my artist career in 1997, received an M.A. in Studio Art and Environmental Art from NYU in 1999. My artworks had been shown at non-profit galleries in New York City.
I had lived and worked in New York City for about 9 years. I left my job as media art director since November 2006 to develop my new project "between you and me" internationally. I currently travel from one artist residency to another around the world.

The world is full of objects. I have no intension to create more. My motivations in art practicing based on the thoughts that art processes as a capacity to embody consciousness. From site-specific installation to "non-sites"; drawings to video and sound tracks, I consider thinking is form, besides the lines, shapes and colors. My works interrogate not just aesthetic but social and cultural preconceptions.

Living in the fluctuating condition of the physical world, I often see the reality in fantasy, and the fantasy in reality. I like to extend the ability to perceive and experience myself experiencing the world in life. Through my art, I invite the audience redefine them selves and experience themselves experiencing.

Lien-Chen Lin

September 2007
Sumu Residence, Titanik Gallery, Turku, Finland
May - June 2007
Centre Cat'Art, Sainte Colombe sur l'Hers, France
Nov. 2006- Feb. 2007
The Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts, Toronto, Canada

2008 "Reserved Voyage" at Arte.Fact gallery, Poitiers, France
2007 "Most Curatorial Biennial of the Universe" at Apexart Gallery, NYC
2005 New York Citywide "Open Studios"
2004 "Wetland" Solo Exhibition at Gallery 456, NYC
2003 "De-Clothing Society -- Artistic Imagination and Social Practices"
Group Exhibition at Gallery 456, NYC
2002 "OPEN STUDIO" group show at the Gallery of Amerasia Bank, NYC
2000 "The Art Of Deconstruction" Exhibition atAngel Orensanz Foundation, NYC
1999 Group exhibition at E.S.Vandam Gallery, NYC
1999 Thesis exhibition at East Gallery, NYU

2002 Exhibition Review, ART TODAY Magazine, Taiwan.
2001 Essay, The Propeller/Kun-Feng Chen

1997-1999 MA in Studio Art, New York University
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