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meet mandy moore, multimedia 1999

Aeron Bergman, who worked on sound, gave me a cassette tape from his grandpa...

The Fish and the Butterfly (1999)

The notion of the death of the author made the spectator's participation as a post modern style. I like to examine what is important relationship between the authors/artists and their audience; also the relationship between the artists and their works of art. I like to question where the boundaries of the self are. Is it possible to distinguish in any clear way between private/public or inner/outer selves?

This project was executed by myself and other artists who concentrate on different principles in their art making. We exchange ideas, images and objects of our own work to each other, then create individual work based on the others image as a source. It is about the interaction which refers to the relationship between artist and viewer, rather than the cooperation of two artists.

What we are presenting is the consciousness in our mind through the whole process from the beginning to the outcome. We agree that Art doesn't reproduce what we see, but makes us see. The authorship of artists does not render the visible world, but make the world visible. | bio | contact lien-chen lin | all contents of the images and texts copyright by lien-chen lin. all right reserved.